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Revision: Beyond proofreading, learning to self-edit
This module is designed to help you become more proficient at editing (not just proofreading) your own writing. In addition to the information on this page, I also recommend the book "Line by Line: How to Edit Your Own Writing" by Claire Kehrwald Cook.
Start by learning the differences between editing vs proofreading.
Next, work through examples of the 20 most common writing errors. Click on each error on the left to see examples appear on the right.
If any terms are unfamiliar, look up them up in this index.
An important element in writing clear sentences is using parallel structure.
Finally, science writing was traditional written in the passive voice. (Notice that I wrote the last sentence in the passive voice, but I am writing this sentence in the active voice.) However, science journals are increasingly suggesting that writers use the active voice to increase the clarity of their writing. Learn more about active versus passive voice here.